Bear Surface Blasting, LLC now open in Waco

Cornell Dixon, with assistance from the McLennan SBDC, has opened Bear Surface Blasting, LLC in Waco.  His services include auto restoration, graffiti removal, and marine markets, and is able to offer affordable, quick and mobile hassle-free stripping service. They make it easy for the customer for any stripping needs.

The McLennan SBDC worked with him to assist in creating the business plan and projections and advised him on setting up his LLC as a veteran at no charge.  He was approved for his loan and purchased the machinery and started the business in October of 2017.  He has also been featured in the manufacturer's promotional video.

The business has experienced a great start and he looks for to expanding the service in the future.  For more information on Bear Surface Blasting, visit their Facebook page at the link below:

Click on the link below to see his testimonial on the company website: