Client Success: Geo-Center Motorcycle Training, LLC

The following was submitted by SBDC client, Curt Liles:

Geo-Center Motorcycle Training, LLC reached out to McLennan Small Business Development Center for small business startup assistance. The results have been a fantastic, due to a very responsive and encouraging Staff at MCC SBDC. Although GCMC did not need a loan, it developed a Business Plan which has now become a living document that's often referred to and updated, in the event of an expansion opportunity. Mr. Surguy provided web links to companies that offered software at an affordable price. He also provided demographics information and a list of companies that could be potential marketing and referral partners.  Mr. Surguy also introduced us to “mobile enabled” websites and QR code technology. I have since enabled mobile “smart phone” access and incorporated QR coding on my business cards. My website analytics indicate an increased number of hits from a wider variety of web browsers and search engines. Mr. Surguy's knowledge of the local Chamber's schedule has allowed GCMC to attend networking breakfasts with guest speakers. Their presentations and talking points are vital information for today's entrepreneurs. Without the MCC SBDC, my technology adoption would lag behind my competitors. My business is stronger due to the support and knowledge of Mr. Surguy.

Many thanks and best regards,

Curt Liles

Owner, Geo-Center Motorcycle Training, LLC Waco, TX

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