Lean Startup is a 'scientific' methodology for developing a sustainable business.  It favors experimentation over elaborate planning, validated customer feedback over guesses, and continuous learning through "small bets" vs. big, up front investment.  

Why is it relevant to small business? Conventional modes of business planning can not only be time consuming, but may lead to a false sense of self confidence, since they may be based on unproven business assumptions.  Too often, entrepreneurs fall in love with their invention or business idea and assume everyone else will love it, too.  They focus on “can I build this product or business?” versus asking “should I build it?”  

Lean Startup addresses this risk by urging entrepreneurs to get outside the building and run experiments in front of customers to rapidly learn what customers value and how to profit from it.  In short, it helps us make better decisions, faster and create products and services people actually want.

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